The long-awaited mixed-reality addition to Apple’s consumer electronics lineup will finally debut on June 5, 2023, at the next run of the tech giant’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in Cupertino, CA.

Initially slated for launch this month, Apple pushed back the launch of its mixed-reality headset as developers encountered numerous issues during the beta-testing phase.

Despite the delay, the introduction of the headset marks Apple’s headlong dive into mixed-reality technologies – an emergent field that, despite massive investments from social media giant Meta Platforms Inc, has yet to become mainstream.

A Hefty Price Tag for High Technology

While Apple has yet to decide on calling the new product Reality One or Reality Pro, it has already set its retail price at a staggering $3,000 apiece.

But while consumers may get sticker shock when they first hear about this substantial cost, they’ll understand why as soon as they find out about all the bells and whistles built into the headset.

For one thing, the headset will be the first Apple device to feature the new xrOS operating system, the first such system developed for mixed-reality and augmented-reality devices. xrOS also serves as a gateway for developers to create applications specific to the device.

The headset will also use eye and hand controls and several external cameras to blend virtual and augmented realities seamlessly. This will enable users to immerse themselves in content or quickly shift to seeing their actual surroundings even while wearing the headset.

The new device will also come with 3D editions of core Apple applications, immersive video streaming, VR-driven FaceTime, and its own edition of the App Store.

Bucking the Trend

The impending launch of Apple’s mixed-reality headset flies in the face of current realities. While other tech firms have launched their own takes on mixed-reality technology, these have been slow to achieve public acceptance and commercial appeal.

However, Apple’s recent demonstrations of the device with its Top 100 (the company’s 100 most important executives) last month have shown tremendous positive feedback, sparking hopes for excellent public impact come June.

The mixed reality headset will also be the first new device for Apple in years, but it will be far from the only item making a splash at WWDC23. During the event, the company also plans to present the new versions of its iOS mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, along with new advancements for its flagship Mac line of computers.