The new chips powering the next range of Apple products aren’t just fast – they’re scary-fast. Launched on October 30th, Apple’s new M3 line of custom chips is expected to have a faster computing capacity, sharper graphics, extend the battery life of devices, and – most importantly – support future enhancements powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The AI aspect will be made possible by M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Pro Max chips as these are all made with innovative three-nanometer technology. As Apple CEO Tim Cook puts it, they are the most advanced chips developed for personal computers – and the chips’ deep integration is an innovation that the company takes great pride in.

Surprise, Surprise

The launch of the M3 chips came as a surprise to industry denizens as Apple has been quiet about its foray into AI development – an unusual thing given how its rivals Google, Meta, and Microsoft have publicly discussed their respective AI projects.

But Forrester analyst Dipanjan Chatterjee believes that reticence is working in Apple’s favor in this case. The company may not have spoken so openly about anything related to AI, but it has kept its finger on the tech sector’s pulse; it’s aware of the opportunities and risks related to AI development and knows that vastly improved computing power is the key to success where AI is concerned.

Good Timing

The timing of the M3 chip upgrade is also significant, given how Apple has been making great strides in the desktop and laptop computer markets. 

While it still lags behind the likes of Dell, HP, and Lenovo in terms of the number of products shipped to customers, Apple actually shipped 26 million Macs in the past year, contributing around 9.1% of the global market. 

This could prove to be a good thing for the company, seeing how demand for its mobile devices has cooled somewhat over the past two years and the way it faces serious competition in critical markets like China.