It may still be one of the most controversial technological developments in recent memory, but the head of Google’s operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to turbocharge the country’s economy, fast-tracking it to the head of the pack in terms of the global tech sector.

For Google UK chief Debbie Weinstein, the coming of AI is an incredibly profound change that promises to have a strong impact on the world we live in. When asked about the way AI would lead to the loss of employment for numerous people, she added that there will be a whole new rafter of jobs on the horizon for those with the relevant skills.

Weinstein’s remarks came in the wake of Google’s most recent report which showed how AI could pull the United Kingdom out of economic stagnation by 2030. The introduction of AI into various economic sectors could bring about the infusion of around £400 billion into the economy by the end of the current decade, and bringing annual economic growth to around 2.6%

AI is Still Everyone’s Bugbear

But Google’s report and Weinstein’s glowing remarks have done little to allay the fear and apprehension regarding the disruptive nature of AI, particularly where online privacy, job security, and human education are concerned.

For one, people are still reeling over AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton’s resignation from Google and his grim statement as to how the technology could prove to be mankind’s downfall. Hinton was particularly adamant  in his warning that bad actors could use AI to harm others.

On top of Hinton’s warnings, some of the world’s leading tech experts have also demanded that firms slow down the development of their AI initiatives in light of how tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney have been used in potentially criminal ways.