Facebook and Instagram users can expect a new feature akin to Twitter’s verification service. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is rolling out Meta Verified, its new paid verification subscription service.

The service will cost $14.99 monthly on iOS and $11.99 monthly on the web, allowing users to submit their government ID card and get a blue verification badge. The rollout will debut in New Zealand and Australia, to be followed by several countries thereafter.

Zuckerberg explained that the new feature is designed to enhance security and authenticity across all Meta platforms.

Yet the verification feature is nothing new to Meta. It previously gave badges to reputable users such as executives, politicians, journalists, and organizations to prove their legitimacy. The rollout takes its cue from Twitter’s Twitter Blue, where users can get blue badges in exchange for a monthly charge. Twitter launched its paid verification service briefly in November, shortly after Elon Musk took over the company, saving it was a way to “give power to the people.” However, people abused the service by impersonating notable brands and celebrities, leading to its suspension.

Meta announced that impersonation protections are available, including minimum age requirements, account activity, and a government ID matching profile photo and name. Each subscription will also undergo “proactive monitoring” to prevent account impersonation. The service is open for individuals only at the moment, and businesses remain ineligible to apply for the verification badge.