Over recent years, there have been numerous online mattress companies that continue to emerge in the market. These companies offer to deliver the bed that you select from the internet to your home. Experts say that most of these bed-in-a-box companies sell very similar mattresses. Although many people do not enjoy going to a mattress store any longer, they should not forget the importance of knowing what is in these foams. 

How These Companies Work

Most of the 175 mattress companies do not manufacture the items that they are selling. They hire a different company to produce a finished product and giving them specifications on how they would want it to look. A representative from GoodBed.com shared that some of these companies don’t even know how they want it to appear, as long as they get it made. 

There are only a few online businesses that make their mattresses. Some examples are Brentwood Home, Brooklyn Bedding and Purple. The much bigger and more known companies do extensive research and develop their items to stand out and be unique. To survive in an industry with this much competitors, it is always best to offer something different to the public. Some companies like Tuft & Needle, Leesa, and Casper have their original formulas for the layers of foams in the mattresses. 

Dan Schecter from the manufacturing firm called Carpenter said that most of the outsourcing of these mattresses go to four companies. Carpenter does around 40% of the overall production of these products for 14 different online mattress companies. They also manufacture these foams for Tempur Sealy, one of the world’s leading bedding providers. Carpenter has 60 factories throughout the United States.

When representatives from bed-in-a-box companies approach the manufacturer, they tell them about what kind of mattress they want. They specify what it should do to the body and what features they should include in the final product. The manufacturer then does its best to recreate what they defined. Schecter shares that the foam formulations they have made for several brands are varied. They try to make them different in some way.

CEO of Layla, Akrum Sheikh, has a different perspective. He said that there is a disadvantage if companies manufacture their mattresses. He explains that they would be limiting themselves to the technology and capabilities that they have. If you outsource, he says that you utilize the expertise of manufacturing companies and try to incorporate the company’s innovative ideas. 

Purple, the only public bed-in-a-box company, is one of the major players in the industry, alongside Casper, Nectar, Leesa, and Tuft & Needle. Though its stock has fallen by 40% since it merged with a public investment company, it continues to strive in the industry. They manufacture their mattresses and are most famous for their “Smart Comfort Grid” bed. Purple claims that it can relieve the pressure in various parts of your body while you sleep. 

Another company that has focused on providing mattresses with advanced science and technology is Eight Sleep. This brand has produced a bed that has dual temperature control, which helps people who are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Their bed also has a sleep tracking app that may come in handy.

Because many of the bed-in-a-box companies present today are providing very similar mattresses, it would be a great choice to go a different route. Instead of focusing on making sales from ordinary foams, companies should try creating unique beds that have special features. You need to render something beneficial to people. The great news is that there are a couple of brands that are now trying to produce and sell cheaper versions of luxurious brands. There are also some making hybrid models. Following this route will allow you to stand out amongst the many competitors you have. 


Challenges Companies are Facing

Generally, for companies that are trying to get into this market, it isn’t difficult. There is little to no barrier to enter, but the barriers to profitability are very high. It’s going to be extremely challenging to earn a profit in this industry. Since it is effortless for someone to create an online mattress business, the market can quickly become competitive. You will only have to design a mattress, build a marketing campaign, create an engaging website, and outsource the manufacturing of the actual products. 

One excellent example of this phenomenon is the situation Purple had to go through. When they merged with a public investment company last year, their value has dropped from $1.1 billion to $355 million. Since then, the company has not gained any profit and even lost $19.6 million in 2018. They received a blow not only due to the merger but also because companies keep emerging. 

Another problem that companies might need to face is finding a way to market the product in a way that is not overwhelming. Though many brands are trying to be innovative with their products, other brands may have the same ideas. This situation will create confusion among potential customers. To differentiate yourself from other companies, try placing the additional features of your mattress in the description, if applicable. 

Because of the vast number of online mattress companies, you can’t avoid similarities in their marketing strategies and brand identities. Expert designers have noticed that there were companies that had similar logo designs in terms of their colors and fonts. Not only that, but their advertising lines are also alike. Armin Vit, who is the co-founder of UnderConsideration, a graphic design firm, shared that Casper was the one that set the tone. It was the very first bed-in-a-box company, and other companies that followed tried to recreate what they had established. 

Vit did mention that the similarities may not be a coincidence and that the following companies did it intentionally. They might have seen that Casper was able to do it successfully, so it would be a great idea to follow in their steps. It makes sense to appeal to the customers that Casper already has by providing a similar feel. There will be a chance that people will mistake the company to be the other one and end up buying at the wrong place. Though it is not the most creative thing to do, it works if you are focusing on increasing sales. 

Though online shopping is speedy and convenient, there are instances where physically visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment is necessary. It is especially important for items that you will frequently be using and for an extended period, like mattresses.

Since you will be spending tons of your time on your bed to sleep and rest, you need to be confident about the quality. For those who have back problems or frequent body aches, it is not ideal for you to buy online. You will need to touch and try out the mattress before buying. 

If you do end up deciding to buy from one of the bed-in-a-box companies, do extensive research first. Read reviews, compare, and contrast the different brands that are available and pick out the best one for you.