If the United Kingdom’s government has its way, tech sector titans will need to open their resources to their rivals. At the same time, promoting their products on their respective platforms may become a thing of the past.

As of Thursday, January 11th, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is now well within its rights to make both possibilities come to pass. The CMA recently boosted its oversight capabilities when it comes to the world’s leading tech firms, including Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, and Meta.

Sarah Cardell, head of the British regulatory agency, is slated to speak at an upcoming conference in Silicon Valley. Her talk will focus on how new regulations under the CMA will be beneficial to end users as these will level the playing field in favor of up-and-coming firms, as well as startups. By doing so, the agency hopes to bring about a new age of innovation in the field.

Not New, But Actively Moving Forward

The prime mover here is the Digital Markets Unit, a department set up under the CMA in April 2021. Composed of experts on the nuances and impact of evolving and emerging markets in the tech industry like social media and AI, the unit is meant to encourage healthy competition between major industry players, startups, and rising enterprises.

The unit is in charge of implementing rules related to competitive practices and aims to ensure that major tech firms comply. It is expected that should Parliament approve new legislation regarding the tech sector in the UK, the unit’s capabilities will be enhanced or expanded.

Such capabilities will enable the CMA to keep bigger tech firms from openly promoting their products and services while giving other firms in the field access to the necessary resources to aid their development. New regulations are also expected to ensure that these big players’ products and services can be used with those of their competitors, as opposed to forcing end-users to purchase a full product suite that may not necessarily aid them in their work.