Bernhard Mattes, president of VDA car company, revealed that they’re investing for the creation of electric cars in Germany. This was unveiled at a motor show that introduces the latest models of different manufacturers.

The president also mentioned that Germany would play a large part in the continuous development of electric vehicles. While VDA will pioneer the production in Germany, different European companies will have a share in the event.

This production of electric cars is in line with the environmental challenge set for different countries around the world, specifically, global warming. Mattes claimed that the use of electric vehicles might reduce CO2 emission. He also said that electric cars would pave the way of achieving Europe’s 2030 environmental target regarding the issue.

VDA company is willing to invest a total of €40 billion for electric car production alone. The company will also spend €18 billion for automated driving function.

In terms of variations, there are around 100 models of electric cars to be expected.

The demand for innovation will always create another change. The development of electric cars will need new facilities around the country. Along with the production of the vehicles, charging facilities will be built as well.