Thanks to the recent acquisition of one of the most beloved video games of yesteryear, Activision Blizzard incorporated is predicted to have potential stock growth in the coming quarter. With titles from this particular franchise also helping to promote and enhance the company portfolio.

According to the American Financial newspaper, the recently released classic version of World of Warcraft has created significant excitement within the video game community. This new release consists of a repackaged version of the original game which gained popularity in the early 2000s.

According to reports, many fans, both old and new, have spent hours waiting for the release of the game. Blizzard Entertainment has been coded saying that Classic World of Warcraft was able to set a record for the most Twitch viewers, a site which airs live-streams of online games, on the same day as the launch. 

News reports have lauded World of Warcraft as a profitable business model for online gaming. Subscription to this game costs about $15 a month. Activision predicts that if World of Warcraft rakes in about two million subscribers, it will increase the company’s earnings tenfold.

The makers of the online game based in Santa Monica, California boasts a market capitalization of the placed 38.8 billion according to Refinitiv’s Eikon. They have endured a recent financial slump due to intense competition these past few months.

Its share has also decreased by half between October in February, resulting in about 800 job cuts and 2018 alone. However, because of stability in recent months, the stock price is exponentially rose to about 6.9% just last week.

Additionally, the 2019 releases will most likely do better than expected. This projection can continue well over the next year. Experts say that it is generally a good year for Activision.

Furthermore, reports say that there have been positive reviews regarding the initial public demonstration for the company’s latest installment of Call of Duty.

This shooter game has become one of the most popular series in the gaming world since its debut in 2007.

The company also plans sequels for Overwatch and Diablo in the next two years. These are two of the company’s most successful franchises.