Apple has recently launched its new classy credit card called Apple Card. The tech giant has released the latest Apple product in partnership with MasterCard. But this card is more than the average credit card. 

As soon as U. S. customers got their hands on the Apple Card this week, reviews became almost instantaneous. 

Indeed the Apple Card made it easier for users to pay for their purchases anywhere using Apple Pay. It is linked to a digital app that’s synced to Apple Pay and thus allowing any retailer to accept payments. The physical card may be used when the smartphone is not usable. 

Major Flaws Seen

The Apple Card is made of titanium with the user’s name etched using a laser. The Apple logo is laser-etched as well making it look sleek and high-end. But this glitzy design and material have led to significant flaws, problems that may interfere with the overall usability of the card. 

First, the material is easily damaged, and thus, it may affect the way the card is used. Something as natural as keeping the credit card inside your leather wallet or tucking it in your pocket can lead to discoloration. Take note that this is a warning coming from Apple.

As stated in the user manual that comes with the card, if the titanium credit card comes in contact with materials or with hard surfaces, the coating may be damaged. Cleaning is also something you must regularly do with this stunning credit card.

Apple says that you must clean the card with a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol to keep the surface stunningly clean. You must never keep the Apple Card with keys and other sharp items inside your purse because these can scratch its surface.

If you must keep the card inside your wallet, never place the Apple Card with another card in the same slot. Again, this may scratch the card and make it unusable the next time you pay with it. 

Apple Card was launched this month in the U.S., but Apple has remained mum on the idea that it will soon be available in Canada or possibly elsewhere. But no matter what Apple’s plans are, users are saying that regular use can damage the credit card. 

Consumers say that they may still be able to keep up with the unique demands of owning this titanium credit card but what about retailers? If you have used a credit card before then, you’ll know how retailers can sometimes mishandle it. Sales personnel may accidentally drop or scratch the precious Apple Card at the customer’s expense!

Apple has not released word if damage to the credit card is cosmetic or maybe too much to affect the card’s use. Just some of the most common worries of credit card use include losing its magnetic strip or ruining the microchip embedded in the card. 

CBC News has requested Apple to clarify the flaws that customers have noticed with the Apple Card, but still, there’s no response. Customers took to social media their negative reactions, and based on the increasing number of complaints; Apple may be dealing with a significant design flaw. 


Similar To The Early iPhone 

Early iPhone users recall that this was not the first time Apple had to deal with a misstep. Old smartphones had numerous problems that users once thought the iPhone wouldn’t be able to overcome. There was this hand placement issue that would make the phone antenna stop working. There was also a problem with the phone becoming permanently bent if this was kept inside your pants pocket. 

There were also reports on battery issues with iPhone 6 as well as a misplaced charging port at the bottom of Apple’s wireless mouse. Users had no idea how they would use the mouse while it charged!

NerdWallet’s credit card expert Sara Rathner said that Apple has a problem if the Apple Card if it’s found to be very fragile that even its regular use may affect its functionality. Rathner commented that she had seen people with cracked iPhone screens and she says that it’s funny that the credit card they made is like a piece of jewelry. She referred to cleaning the card with a soft cloth and alcohol as hilarious. 

The credit card expert said that the Cupertino, CA-based company prides in the design of the card and its physical features are detracting the attention of consumers from the actual product. Rathner says that the Apple Card may not be better than other credit cards in the market. 

Rathner also questioned why do users need to be so careful in using a credit card that only earns 1% cashback every time it’s used? She said that Apple Card’s limitations might not attract some consumers, but eventually, this will become popular or not at all depending on the value that it can offer.