Despite Bitcoin’s woes, many small businesses are warming up to crypto. AMC theaters has announced that it will start accepting Bitcoin by year end. 

Meanwhile, technology continues to improve as new customer needs emerge and businesses find new market gaps to fill, so business owners need to check out these five latest advancements in technology.

Wrap-up of news on small business tech updates

AMC to accept Bitcoin in its theaters

First up is AMC announcing that all of its theaters in the U.S. will start accepting Bitcoin by the end of the year. Although Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, is yet to specify the exact payment system, he assured that theaters would have Google and Apple pay support for online purchases. As the popularity of digital currencies continues to grow, looking into incorporating digital payment methods should be one of a business owner’s priorities. 

Amazon updates its return policy

The next best news is Amazon updating its return policy to make returning faulty goods easier by allowing buyers to contact Amazon directly and connecting them to the sellers of the faulty products. This is important for small businesses using Amazon as a platform because these improvements intend to raise service quality which will challenge how well vendors do business both with Amazon and their customers. 

Osome raises more funds

Next is Osome – an AI-powered accounting platform – raising funds of over $16 million to be used in making new products and expanding its international market reach. The Singapore-based startup offers online services to small businesses needing assistance such as organizing and sorting accounting documents. So, if you’re a small business owner who needs help in accounting tasks, looking into Osome might be worth your time. 

Google expands VPN coverage

Up next is Google’s announcement of adding the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, and Mexico to the list of countries where its VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is available. The added countries will soon have the Google One app enabled for Android. However, it is not yet clear when Windows, macOS, and iOS users can avail of the service. Using a VPN is essential to maintain the privacy of online business operations, so investing in a good VPN provider needs to be part of a business owner’s to-do list. 

Wix launches Branded App by Wix

Last but not the least, Wix, a popular website-building and managing platform, launched Branded App by Wix. Costing $200 monthly and $99 annually, the app builder helps businesses create original applications without codes. Having a good website is highly important for small businesses. Wix is one of the most user-friendly platforms to build attractive websites, so this new tool would be a great investment to boost online visibility.