Microsoft has recently launched its new take to help people engaged in e-commerce. Introducing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, a new way for brands to create enhanced personalized web pages, a tool that will rival Amazon.

According to a report, the tech giant is targeting customers that are frustrated over the use of Amazon. With Dynamics 365, business owners can communicate with their customers immediately after making a purchase or check sales performance using helpful charts. Dynamics 365 Commerce may integrate with other Microsoft software, so it’s easy to use and not too complicated to understand. 

Microsoft has found its Azure business very efficient as it goes head to head with Amazon Web Services when it comes to cloud services. Big retail names like Kroger, Walmart, and Walgreens choose Azure’s cloud servers to avoid their biggest online competitors. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services is still the choice of retail giants including Sainsbury’s, Kenneth Cole, J. Crew and Levi’s.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is the sibling of Dynamics 365 Retail which is a tool for staffing, promotions, and essential supply chain management. Marks and Spencer, a very prominent food and clothing outlet in the UK, has recently started a new Dynamics 365 Connected Store that has upgraded functions. This tool can send information to employees according to info taken by sensors and cameras inside actual storers

Marks and Spencer is one of Azure’s loyal customers and just recently started their e-commerce site. The head of technology for the company said that they are looking to find technology that will enhance the shopping experience of their clients. 

The launch of Dynamics 365 Commerce was hinted in April with reports saying that Microsoft plans to release software to assist retailers with their move to e-commerce. This was not Microsoft’s first take to help customers when it comes to e-commerce. In 2000, Microsoft launched a service called bCentral Business Web Services that aimed to bring e-commerce closer to small business owners.