On December 27, a trademark for Samsung Crypto Wallet was filled at the UK Intellectual Property Office. This event follows the South Korean electronics company dismissal of rumors of their plans to integrate a cryptocurrency cold wallet on their soon to be released Galaxy S10.

Samsung Foundry has also launched a new energy efficient Samsung Chip that reduces energy consumption to 50%. The 7-nanometer Low Power process node can be used in mobile and high-performance computing application which can pave a way to increase profits in crypto mining using Samsung hardware or devices.

HTC, a major smartphone manufacturer, has also launched “the first native blockchain phone” last December. The HTC Exodus 1 has a decentralized browser Brave that supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Another breakthrough was made when SIRIN Labs launched their first blockchain-based smartphone. FINNEY runs in SIRIN OS, an Android and SIRIN based operating system, that supports encrypted communications and cold-storage crypto wallet.