Expect explosive growth from security technology stocks through mid-decade!

Security technology has been one of the best performing sectors in today’s market. With each new breakthrough, investors realized substantial gains off ground floor positions.

It’s easy to understand why. As technology advances, companies that develop these techs open enormous, untapped markets hungry for solutions to complex and costly challenges.

Sector-wide, security has been soaring. Starting from a $17.7 billion U.S. market size in 2014…the sector is projected to explode to a staggering $167.1 billion market by 2025!

Security technology is a market approaching 10-fold growth in just one decade! There’s enormous opportunity embedded here and our free special report will show you how.

This is an opportunity to dig into without delay.

In 2011, NATO released a now unclassified document (ALLIED JOINT DOCTRINE FOR COUNTERING IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES [IEDs]) that forecast the devastating potential of IEDs. The report states: “Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is an expected feature of future warfare and countering IEDs is a major feature of the stabilization and counter-insurgency (COIN) operations that currently occupy the Alliance.”

It goes on: “IEDs are one of the weapons of choice for an opponent who seeks an asymmetric advantage to avoid fighting against our conventional strengths. The adversary will exploit his use of IEDs to demonstrate the force’s failings to deliver security and IEDs will inhibit our freedom to maneuver.” 

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Personal Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIED i.e. suicide vest) remain the deadliest ongoing threat to American soldiers and civilians worldwide…inflicting thousands of casualties annually.

The harsh reality is that the effectiveness of any concealed explosive device comes only from the simple fact that it remains undetected until it’s too late.

Military & Civilian Threat Detection

Company reports advancing development of new technologies to identify specific threats in war zones and public facilities using unique technology in the works since 200X.

This report dives into the details and suggests that potential investors take a long, hard look at the profit potential in grabbing a ground floor position right now, while this industry is in a high growth phase.

At present, there’s no technology available to our ground troops or law enforcement that can detect such devices in advance of entering its kill zone.

That could change in a heartbeat.

Two-thirds of our troops either killed or maimed in war zones are victims of IED detonation. These crude but deadly devices are rarely detected until our soldiers are right on them. The results are devastating.

Recent technological developments are making it possible for troops to deploy drones equipped with a detector to fly ahead of their positions and scan ground for the invisible-to-the-eye ground disturbances that indicate an IED emplacement or persons wearing a PBIED. Once detected, the IED or suicide bomber can be identified and dealt with to neutralize the threat.

Security technology companies have made fortunes for early investors as the entire sector accelerates toward near ten-fold growth by mid-decade!

Today, our warfighters have no good solutions for detecting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) until they are right on top of them. The results are deadly.

IEDs have been responsible for 2/3rds of military casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The carnage extends to civilian settings as well. It happened on the streets of Boston in 2013 and more recently the attack in Manchester UK where a lone wolf terrorist walked a suicide vest several miles through the streets of Manchester before slaughtering 22 people and disabling over 100 others at a pop concert.

No matter where it happens or whose lives are destroyed…nothing but luck is available to the custodians of peace and freedom to detect these devices in time to avoid disaster.

In our special report you will read more about the devastating impact that IEDs have had in modern warfare. Recent news has reminded us of the horrific toll these devices have had on both civilian and military personnel. What’s not widely known and was reported in a recent Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO) is that the use of IEDs is soaring, not just in the Middle East, but worldwide.

Knowing the potential of this life-saving tool now, you can expect that when it proves its potential, this technology should be snatched up by the U.S. military as soon as possible!

The investment potential should be obvious…and no doubt, it could be enormous!