Apple will make a new first, as rumors about the Apple Watch is starting to surface. It’s been reported that the Apple Watch might get a new upgrade, by having a sleep tracking feature. This feature will be a step up to what the Apple Watch can do, and many are anticipating the announcement on September 10 to confirm the rumors. It’s not yet clear whether users need a new Apple Watch for the new feature, but Apple enthusiasts can’t wait.

The feature came after Apple acquired Beddit in 2017, a sleep tracking company. Acquiring said company might have been the push Apple was waiting for to start this new feature. While it remains unclear whether Apple users have to get a new Apple Watch for the functionality, many are looking forward to September 10 for the official announcement. 

9to5Mac reports that the sleep tracking feature might be called “Time in Bed Tracking.” Further, 9to5Mac reports that the Health app will be an essential tool for the function as the information will be stored there. Apple’s competitors need to expect a sudden change with their sales, now that Apple has its sleep tracking features.