This could be the largest undeveloped gold bearing region remaining to be explored anywhere in the world.

For years the gold bearing geology of the Golden Triangle sat idle, isolated, inaccessible despite hosting what may soon prove to be the largest under-developed gold field found anywhere in the world.

It’s no mystery that gold can be harvested in abundance here. Over a century ago, prospectors on foot carried out enormous wealth just taking what lay on the surface…the placer gold. Thousands of ounces in nuggets and dust were packed out by those prospectors. But below ground they left behind untapped millions of tons in gold-rich rock that lay below the surface.

The prolific production during the early gold rush days from the Golden Triangle established its place in history. But what the area yielded in those days appears to be a trifling to what is on the horizon now.

Vast portions of Northern British Columbia have remained undeveloped for decades. Impassable terrain and zero infrastructure froze out any further gold recovery.

However, some of the more accessible regions of the Golden Triangle yielded stunning discoveries. Eskay Creek produced 3.3 million ounces of gold and 160 million ounces of silver (~$8 Billion in today’s production value) by the end of 2008. During its production years, Eskay Creek was ranked as the highest grade gold producer in the world.1

Following the discovery of Eskay Creek, a massive flow of investment poured into the Golden Triangle.   

If there were a Silicon Valley in gold, this could be it. Billions of dollars are pouring into the region and the rush to spend more is growing.

The entire region is heating up fast as major producers and deep-pocket investors pursue the tremendous wealth they see possible here. For individual investors, this little-known explorer may be one of the last, best true “ground floor” investment opportunities you’ll ever see in gold.

To invest for growing wealth, few opportunities hold the potential you’ll find in junior exploration companies like the one we’ve discovered here.

If all that sounds exciting, you’re not alone: Noted precious metals guru Eric Sprott looked at what this company has to offer…and he has acquired 2.7  million shares of the company stock to date.

If there’s one thing you can say about Sprott, it’s this: He’s a savvy gold stock investor.

In October 2017, world-renown Canadian gold investor, Eric Sprott, moved on this junior, acquiring one-million shares of the company stock on news of progress made at the company’s Golden Triangle holdings. Sprott is one of the world’s most prominent resource investors with a resource portfolio upwards to $300 million and dominated by Canadian juniors. Sprott’s view of the gold market today is unambiguous. In the context of current economic conditions triggered by the global covid-19 pandemic, Sprott says, “I know for myself I think the obvious purchases today are gold and silver — the precious metals themselves — and own physically.”

The market timing couldn’t be better either. Gold is rocketing toward new highs as it continues its climb over the last year… 40% growth since July 2019! And thanks to the stunning multi-trillion-dollar flow of new dollars from the Fed, you can expect gold prices to continue climbing for some time to come.

Gold and silver experts at recently reported, “Unprecedented economic conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to support gold and silver prices [and] that since March more than $15 trillion has been pumped into financial markets.” 2

Do not be surprised to see another 40% leap in gold prices by the end of next year!

Explosive growth potential in a well-positioned junior exploration company.

There simply isn’t a better place to look than here. Three years ago, Business Insider had this to say about the Golden Triangle (emphasis added):

[D]espite its obvious potential, the vast majority of land in this highly prospective region has been left mostly untouched by humans. A combination of factors, including low gold prices and a lack of infrastructure, has led to the area lying dormant for decades. Today, things are changing dramatically. The Golden Triangle is a new hotbed for mineral discovery, and over 130 million ounces of gold, 800 million ounces of silver, and 40 billion lbs of copper have been found. The amazing part is that this is only scratching the surface of the region’s ultimate potential.”

Even with a long history of substantial discoveries and production records, significant portions of the Triangle remain undeveloped. Geologists have been on the ground for decades, but the most promising prospects lacked the infrastructure to carry power, mining equipment and personnel onto the areas needed for proving up reserves and production potential. Those areas were largely ignored…not true any longer!

Over the last few years the infrastructure has been built to open new regions of the Triangle. The indigenous peoples in the area helped push the government to action. Roads were built to open surface access for mining equipment and crews. Three new hydroelectric dams were built with transmission lines that now track through the heart of the region. Those steps have already begun paying off. Millions of ounces of gold have been discovered with substantial production underway.

Among the standout prospects for immediate exploration and development is the Kirkham Property. The Kirkham Property may rank as one of the most promising, large-scale prospects in the Triangle. The geology is nearly identical to neighboring regions where millions of ounces in gold have been identified in situ and production commenced.

Data collected identified a number of excellent prospects for advanced exploration. The company drilled five holes totaling 1648 meters that confirmed a three kilometer long corridor of porphyry gold and copper mineralization that was capped by gold-rich zones.

Recent completion of hard paving on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway provides improved surfaces for the year-round movement of equipment, supplies and crews into the mining region. It also provides direct access to ports at Stewart for delivery of ore concentrates to global processing mills. Running parallel to the highway is the newly completed Northwest Transmission Line from British Columbia hydroelectric facilities that now provide plentiful, low cost electrical power for mining operations.


The following year, they launched a series of high resolution VTEM (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic) aerial surveys to target and identify the anomalies associated with gold and copper mineralization in porphyry rock formations. Porphyry is a hard rock formed from magma that over time has moved to or near surface carrying with it the gold mineralization. From that data, 12 new diamond core holes were drilled, extending over 5000 meters that expanded the previously delineated target zones and discovered two additional gold-rich porphyry centers.

Exploration to date has only covered a portion of the property. Porphyry formations predominate across the entire property and are proximal to the geology that has made the Golden Triangle so rich in mineralization. Though not yet proven, the geology in the gold distribution at the Kirkham Property bears all the early indicators of record-setting Red Chris production potential.

Based on these and other data, company management now believes and reports that, “It is now clear from abundant geological evidence that earlier drilling (pre-2013) only tested the upper portion of a massive porphyry system. In consideration of this system’s link to a common porphyry source throughout the Triangle, we surmise that the entire porphyry system at Kirkham extends well beyond the historical drilling and over a considerably greater strike length, suggesting that the Kirkham Property bears significant potential for multi-million-ounce gold recovery. This is borne out by the fact that most of the gold-bearing porphyry now producing in the Triangle (Red Chris, Saddle North, etc.) display gold and copper grades that increase with depth.”

Aerial VTEM survey conducted by helicopter. Photo: Geotech

Geologists have concluded is that a massive “bubble” of gold bearing porphyry rock formed eons ago deep beneath the Kirkham surface and other areas throughout the Triangle. Magmatic pressures pushed the porphyry rock from deep molten depths where it leaked through the surface. Millenia of erosion fed the placer gold into stream beds. Geologists target these leaks for drilling and as the drill goes deeper, it penetrates to the core of the bubble. What differentiates the Triangle is that the bubble itself is so very near surface. Shallow exploration depths of just a few thousand feet can yield stunning volumes of the porphyry ore.

What comes next could send this undervalued junior’s shares soaring. Mining these shallow formations can yield millions of tons of gold-rich ore. Major producers are pouring into the Triangle to launch new operations, spending billions of dollars on acquisition and mining infrastructure.

This is the ideal time to stake a position in a gold exploration investment that holds stunning share growth potential.

Now is the time to consider a move.

The next phases in the exploration process at Kirkham intend to identify and assay gold grades for quantifying the resource potential in the area. There is no question that gold is on the property, the question remaining to be answered is how much. The company reports that results from core samples taken in targeted drilling should begin being announced this summer/fall.

Getting in now puts you in front of what could be a benchmark announcement that triggers rocketing gains. For example, look how shares in these junior exploration companies…also in the Golden Triangle…soared to stunning heights as new investors rushed in to secure positions.

This is a rapidly developing story that deserves your immediate attention. I urge you to sign up for our newsletter and learn the name of this little-known gold producer,  before more news comes out, and as gold prices are finally taking off.

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1 Source: company documents or interviews

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